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Leftfield 101 - Mindset
By: Leftfield Training

MINDSETâ—¦ mentality: a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

The way we frame our experiences can either serve us or defeat us at the outset, our mindset is always the game-changer.

Leftfield 101 will provide you with a number of techniques to help develop a mindset that serves you best. But firstly - what type of mindset do you have?

Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, states in her book Mindset - the Psychology of Success - that we all fall into one of two camps - a fixed or growth mindset.

Those with a fixed-mindset believe that our skills, talents, traits are largely fixed. We all have our specialties and that if something happens to fall outside their skill-set - well that’s someone else's department.

They mistakenly believe talent alone creates success and avoid anything they feel they don't have an aptitude for.

I'm not good with numbers.

I never remember names.

I can't play tennis.

For those with a fixed mindset it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Dismissing whatever falls outside their beliefs about who they are - their identity.
I’m no good at maths - Note, this is a helpful clue as to to how effective this link to identity can be, if we are just able to harness it to our own means.

Of course any of these statements could equally apply to someone of a growth-mindset. But here they are viewed as an opportunity, with innate talents and abilities - or lack of them, merely providing a starting point.

Those with a fixed mindset are interested only in displaying their strengths, further confirming their brilliance, and are reluctant to participate in any endeavor in which they can't immediately shine.

Superstar, or spectator, no middle-ground.

The growth mindset seeks out these challenges, seeing them as opportunities for development and is quite happy to look like a novice if it helps to further their horizons.

Any form of learning; any degree of personal development outside your current skill-set, depends on a growth-mindset.

So, if you happen to have to have ticked all of life's boxes, are not cursed with ambition and feel you have not only succeeded in every field of interest; but dominated - feel free to retire to your trophy room to write your memoirs. Afterall, we can’t wait to hear all about it.

If on the other hand, you think this fixed-mindset thingy is ringing a few bells and yet you still wouldn't mind learning a thing or two - what then?

Well, luckily then this fixed-mindset thingy is not.... errr


In fact, just to kick this whole learning thing off, have a crack at this:

The ability of the brain to reorganise itself and create new circuits in response to our environment and most remarkably in response to our thoughts.

Now if that doesn’t look suspiciously like a ticket outta this whole ‘fixed’ deal, then I don’t know what does - how good is learning!

In order to help cultivate a growth-mindset:

Be aware of the stories you tell yourself, being hyper-vigilant for that fixed mindset shut-down.

Recognise you have always have a choice. It is never the situation that changes merely our interpretation of it and subsequently our response.

Start to switch your internal dialogue from judgement, to one of growth. If you must use the word 'can't', qualify it with the word 'yet'.

Additionally, over the next 14 days look for ways to challenge yourself. You don’t have to look far - you could start by brushing your teeth using your other hand.

It’s good to actually have a reason to look stupid.

Later in MINDSET we'll take a look at how to really cement both a change in mindset, and our new behaviours along with it - habits.

But next up it's NUTRITION - and your first task. I hope you've got your fish-oil...

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Added: 25-02-2014