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Leftfield 101 - Guidelines
By: Leftfield Training

Guidelines to Leftfield 101

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

One of the aims of Leftfield 101 is to help make this process as easy as possible. Essentially it comes down to waging peace, in the battle between between your rational and emotional minds.

It's a familiar pattern to us all:

We have these gilt-edged dreams about what we really, really want - emotional mind.
We decide just what needs to be done to get there - rational mind.
But then early one morning we want nothing more than to stay in bed - emotional mind.

The science of behaviour change is a well-proven process and there are a number of psychological tools/ processes that we can employ to make this process easier.

Every Tuesday and Thursday you will receive an email relating to one of the following 4 elements:

• Mindset
• Nutrition
• Training
• Recovery

They will each appear once a fortnight. (No, I haven't forgotten about Play - that will arrive once/month).

We will apply these techniques throughout the program; however you will see a number of the same themes repeated.


The single most important factor. Crucial not only to habit-building, but for progress in any endeavor. A few minutes a day is better than 2 hours once a week. Your adherence will be the deciding factor.

Forget about motivation

Unreliable at the best of times, commit to doing what you need to do whether you want to or not. If we only achieved anything in life when we we felt like it, then most of our contributions to the world would have finished with sandcastles. Cultivating self-discipline is a far better option; however this is a very finite resource so you will learn other methods that will mean you will only have to call on it sparingly.

Making the commitment easy

Each of the directives is designed to be achieved quite easily, but we are all individuals, with different responsibilities, obligations, pressures etc. If you do not rate your ability to follow a particular behaviour as at least a 9/10, then you simply scale it until it does, ie. If 10minutes of X a day is not realistic, change it to 5.
Or 2, or, 5 minutes 3 times a week. Whatever it is you need to do to make the task not just doable, but (absurdly) easy.

No escape clause

Given that you have full control over your level of commitment, there is no ‘try’ and there is no ‘next time,’ or any other cop-out you can think of.

Your ego is the enemy

That’s too easy, I can do more, That will do nothing etc…This behavioural science malarky is for weak-minded fooools.”
Newsflash - you are not the exception to the rule. The point is not what you can do now, but what you will still be doing in 6 months and beyond. Trust the process.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Whilst this process helps to make the process as painless as possible - the fact is, if you want to reach your goal then you are going to have to step outside your current patterns. Sometimes to get what we want as well as to enjoy any degree of personal growth, we must do as the marines do - embrace the suck.


Where possible make yourself accountable to at least one other person. (Regarding this program it's always possible as you can make yourself accountable to me.)

Will this actually work? Will these small changes have any noticeable effect?

The answer is yes, if done in sequence. Of course mediation everyday for 45 mins is going to be more beneficial than 5 minutes, but if that’s where you attempt to start - the chances of you still doing it in 2 weeks is slim to nil. Start with a commitment to the absurdly easy. This will help build the habit and will also help build momentum.

The key point to remember here is that in the early stages, we are not really interested in the benefit we will get from said habit, only in establishing the habit.

Humans are really good at starting things, and bloody hopeless at finishing them, so this entire program depends on 2 things.

1. Think less
2. Do more

The entire program is laid out for you. You don’t need to think about it. Just concentrate on what you need to do.


But not easy.

Sometimes you will be directed to take a specific action.


Where appropriate you will be given a heads-up. A directive detailing a specific action for you to follow - with a deadline attached, so that given an action on a future date you will be ready to go and can hit the ground running.

So, just so we're clear, here is your first:

[this is not a drill]

Purchase fish-oil capsules by next Thursday. If you already have them, buy more.

That's it. Don't take them, just buy them and have them ready to go.

Now, this is where this shit really goes next level.

To ensure your compliance…

Take out your phone. Now set yourself a reminder that will remind you at an appropriate time (a reminder to procure fish-oil at 3.45am is not helpful) everyday between now and next Thursday. Make your reminder, instructional, specific, and personal to you.

Some suggestions:

“Verily, you simply must visit the fish-oil merchants. I beseech thee!”


"Yo! Buy some fush-caps, ya dweeb!"

[Don't continue reading until you have set this reminder]

Right. Now you can only delete your reminder when you have them.
And there you have it - a fail-safe method with no opportunity for excuses. If you don't get them, it's not because you had to work late. It's not because you had to take the dog to the vet. It's not because you had to go to a friends birthday.

It's because you decided not to.

Learning about this process of behaviour change, and seeing it in action in your own life will perhaps be your biggest takeaway from Leftfield 101. With an understanding of these techniques you can then apply it to anything you might decide to do.

A couple of final notes:

All of the information presented in Leftfield 101 has proven its value, however not all of it comes with a scientific backing, the reasons for which are many, but suffice to say the rigours of the the scientific process make the stamp of 'proof' in some of these areas all but impossible. In every area presented there is a substantial body of anecdotal evidence pointing to the benefits, scientifically-proven or otherwise. For those that would like to see further explanation with regard to anything presented, I am happy to point you in the right direction

At times throughout Leftfield 101 I will suggest the purchase of certain products. I have no affiliation with any of these products or companies and am simply making a recommendation based on my personal preferences/experience.

And so it begins…

Back soon with the first instalment of our biggest fish to fry - Mindset.

OR simply call Leftfield Training now, and take the first step to getting IN SHAPE OUTDOORS.

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Added: 11-02-2014