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Leftfield 101: Mindset - Free Will Hunting
By: Leftfield Training

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"
The Usual Suspects


If we all happened to cherish goals of:

• watching television 2 + hours a day
• working 50 + hour weeks
• eating a poor diet made up of convenience foodstuffs
• barely moving

then most of society would be happily ticking off day after day of pure achievement. Evidently, there's quite a gap in what we say we want, and what we actually end up doing. The intended hijacked by the unintended, and it's hardly an isolated incident.

We are the sum of our choices. Choices that are either conscious and deliberate or unconscious and passive. The brain processes about eleven billion pieces of information a second, of which we consciously process maybe forty. In filtering out eleven billion other pieces of information every single second, our experience is but a heavily edited version of what we might call reality. What we are left with is a reality. Our reality.

We may well be merely players, but if all the world's a stage, then pretty much everything is happening off it.

Throughout the Leftfield Training process - and for the nutrition coaching in particular, people put in some serious time and effort completing extensive paperwork and performing exercises all designed to help them decide exactly what they want, and why they want it. And, for the more cynically minded among us, this time and effort is further boosted by significant financial investment also. In short, they are not lacking in clarity, desire or motivation.

Even so, their needs, their wants, their must-haves, disappear. At least for a time. Always. Superceded by alternatives that when lined up side by side with the intended goal are laughably insignificant.

Delivering experiences that are average at best, and more likely guilt-ridden or anxiety producing, these are chosen over any number of different behaviours that would have moved them not necessarily towards, just not away from, their desperately sought after, yet wholly attainable dream. What they do not want, chosen over what they do want, every time.

What the hell...

To be sure the weight of numbers is part of the problem and in an age of endless distraction it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your eyes on the prize.

I intended to eat better (or insert any intention here), but:

the kids threw a tantrum at the supermarket
something came up at work and I ran out of time.
(insert any circumstance here)

But, if this situation is examined at all, it's also about here that it stops. An acceptance that our goals are just casualties of the minutiae of daily life. This reinforces a feeling of helplessness and with only ourselves to blame, casts us as the villain of the piece.

But something else happens if we are prepared to dig a bit deeper, something more useful. Because there is usually a bit more to it.

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Added: 14-10-2015